• Developer Working On Unannounced New Game
  • Developer Says Something In Developers New Game Is Positive
  • Publisher Says Something In Publishers New Game Is Positive
  • Platform Holder Says Something Positive About Own Platform
  • Modern Video Game Has Semi-Famous Composer Soundtrack
  • Modern Video Game Has [Insert Number] Page Script
  • Expensive Video Game Written By Person Who Has Written Books
  • New Technology Lets Video Game Company Do Amazing Things, Says Video Game Company
  • "We're Doing Something Positive", Says Video Game Company
  • Developer Advertising For New Project
  • Developer Hiring For New Project
  • Retailer Lists Strange Release Date For Game Without Official Release Date
  • Video Game Sells [Insert Number Here] Copies
  • Middling Video Game Gets Expected, Uninteresting DLC
  • Countdown Clock For [Insert Predicted Game Here] Ends [Insert Time Here]
  • "Here's Something Marketing Wants Your Readers To Know", Says Senior Studio Executive In Interview
  • Analyst Says [Anything]

Why? Because they will inevitably be for bullshit stories that aren't worth writing, that's why.